Maths Lessons & Examples from Geometry

Geometry, theory and formulas

Geometry's Glossar
The most importants words

Geometry formulas
Plane Geometry (triangle, parallelogram, square, trapezoid), Solid Geometry (surface formulas bodies)

Geometry's Formulas
Rhombus, regular polygon, ellipse, segment sphere, torus

Units of measurement and unit equivalent

Transversals' Theorem
Famous theorems in 2D Geometry

Famous theorems in plane geometry and geometry in space
Pythagorean Theorem, Ceva Theorem, the 3 orthogonal relationship Van Aubel

The line in plan
The line's equation determined by two points

Geometry lesson in plan
Steiner's Theorem

Menelaus' Theorem
Famous theorems in 2D Geometry

Reciprocal of Menelaus' Theorem
Famous theorems in 2D Geometry




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