Maths Lessons & Examples from Algebra

Algebra, theory and formulas

Algebraic Formulas
Arithmetic progressions and geometric progressions

Algebraic Formulas
Arithmetic mean, Geometric mean, Powers and Exponents, The Equation I and II degree

Algebraic Formulas
Combinatorics: Permutations. Arrangements. Combinations. Newton's Binomial theorem

Algebraic Formulas
Radical properties; Logarithms; Changing the base of a logarithm

Algebraic Formulas
Matrix. Determinants

Algebra - Simplex Algorithm
Simplex Algorithm

(a+b)(b+c)(c+a) ≥ 8abc

Algebraic equation

Viet's relations
Relations between roots and coefficients of algebraic equations

The equation III-th degree
How do you solve an equation of the third degree with real roots

Minimum / maximum function Grade II
Peak parable




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