Improper Fraction. Introducing whole fraction

Three types of fractions

Type1.  Proper fraction

, where 2 < 5 (means the numerator is smaller then the denominator)

Type2. Improper fractions

, where 7 > 5(it means that the numerator is higher then the denominator)

Type 3. Mixed fractions

mixed fraction, here we have whole in front of the proper fraction


Improper fractions

If we have a improper fraction (numerator is greater than the denominator) then we can get the whole of the fraction. To remove the whole of the fraction procedure:



If we have the fraction   fraction a/b with  a > b and we get: a : b = c rest r,



fraction improper


 improper fra

because 8 : 3 = 2 rest 2.

improper fraction


Introducing whole in fraction

When we introducce integer in fractions we have the same denominator, but the numerator is obtained by the sum of the numerator and denominator given the product of the whole.

fraction whole





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