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We launch the Maths Forum

Today we launched our forum. Forum is different from the rest Internet forums. It is a bit simpler, but have little many restrictions.


It's simple

It's easier because you can comment without being logged in. Do not have to necessarily have an account that you can put a question on the forum. We need just a name and your email.


We have a bit more restrictions

We can not have more forums than those predefined by us. I mean we have these Forums (Categories) Algebra, Geomtrie, Trigonometry, Maths Analysis, and Exams. Perhaps in the future we will have more categories.

It will be us who will moderate these forums and posts on these forums. If the opened subject does not fit into the appropriate category or you do not comment about math but about something else when posting your post will be deleted.


Formula editor

For now we have a simple editor for posting content Forum but soon we will install an editor to format text complex and also will install a mathematical formula editor, a publisher of equations.

Until that our forum is also filled with content, we wish you welcome on our forum. We will try to respond to requests for help in math.

Our Maths Forum is accessible here:


Thank you!

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Here you can discuss about mathematic, about algebra, geometry, trigonometry.

It is not mandatory to be logged in on this forum but it is nice to have an account. You can ask about mathematics just with your name and your email.

This maths forum is one of the easiest forums to use it.

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