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The idea

Hello dear visitors,

This is the first post on our Mathematics website and we start saying that we had this idea severals years ago. But we needed time and determination to start this project. We want to make this website different. Not like others. We know that a big part of what you can get here you could find it on Wikipedia or on the other tens of websites about mathematics.

But, we are going to have more examples ad more how to solve this than the others.

And, the most important, we will build a custom Forum about maths. We will have cathegories like Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetics, Trigonometry or Maths Analisys. Or Exams. :)

We will start like a clean website with no commercial banners. But we will have some banners after that. Because we need to pay our expenses.

And at the start we won't have the Forum. But soon we will build the Forum as well.

Welcome on our website.

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Here you can discuss about mathematic, about algebra, geometry, trigonometry.

It is not mandatory to be logged in on this forum but it is nice to have an account. You can ask about mathematics just with your name and your email.

This maths forum is one of the easiest forums to use it.

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