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2016-08-09 08:43:21
We have the function f:R{2} - > R, f(x) = (x + 4) / (2 - x)
Where the function intersects the axis Ox and Oy?
Where is the point of intersection between f graph and the line bisector y = x ?


RE: Function, intersection with Ox Oy

2016-08-09 09:09:06
We have to solve these two equations:
f(x) = 0, and
y = f(0)

So, first

so though, (-4, 0) is the point where the graph meet the axis Ox.

and the second

equation, function meet Oy axis
so though, (0,2) is the point where the graph meet Oy axis

RE: Function intersects the line y = x

2016-08-12 05:29:30
For the intersection with the line y = x, we have to solve the equation f(x) = x. So though, we have
equation x2 - x + 4 = 0
Further, we have
Delta = -15 <0
So though, the equation has no real solutions.
Finally, the f graph doesn't intersects the line y = x.



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